Dr. Hugh F. Pyle
had over 65 years experience in the ministry, pastoring and building strong evangelistic churches in Florida, plus conducting revival crusades and Bible Conferences in hundreds of churches in 44 states,
Canada, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

He was often a featured speaker at such schools as Pensacola Christian College, Tennessee Temple University, Bob Jones University, Massillon Baptist College, Landmark Baptist College, Crown College, and others, in addition to addressing many Pastor's Conferences and great numbers of Christian High Schools across the nation.

Dr. Pyle authored over 40 books and booklets and wrote a regular News & Views column for the Sword of the Lord.  His dramatized Bible stories for children kept them fascinated and added to the crowds for his campaigns.  He was also known for his "Good Ship Courtship" talks to teens, and Family Life Conferences for the whole family.

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